Fypon Column Wrap FAQ

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We are a distributor of Fypon columns wraps and frequently hear many of the same questions asked again and again. This post will answer all of the following:

  • Do column wraps need to be painted?
  • What are they made of?
  • How many pcs do they come in?
  • Is the cap and base included?
  • Can the column be installed without using the cap and base?
  • What if the height I need is a few inches off from the listed size?
  • Does Working With PVC/Column Wraps Require Special Tools?
  • Do Column Wraps Have That Shiny “Vinyl/Plastic” Look To Them?
  • How easy are they to install?
  • How long does it take to receive them?
  • What’s the difference between “economy” and the rest of them?

We will also include a link to the best youtube installation video that we know of at the very bottom of this post.

Here goes…

Do Column Wraps Need To Be Painted?

No. Column wraps can be painted with a 100% acrylic paint but they do not need to be painted. Many people worry about the PVC of which they are made yellowing over time but this will not occur. UV Stabilizers have been added to the manufacture of PVC that prevent them from ever yellowing.

What Are Column Wraps Made Of?

As mentioned above, they are made of PVC. Pretty much the best material you could ever use on the exterior. It’ll remain white forever and won’t ever twist, rot, warp, peel or do anything besides stay in perfect condition.

How Many Pieces Do They Come In?

They come in two “L” shapes, as do the cap and bases. A picture would explain this much better than do words, so, here you go:

Tapered Fypon Column Wrap with craftsmen cap and base

Is The Cap And Base Included?

Yes. However, if you’d like to order something other than the craftsmen style, you can at an added cost.

Can The Column Be Installed Without Using The Cap And Base?

Yes, it can. Usually, however, you’ll want something at the top and bottom to complete the look.

What If The Height I Need Is A Few Inches Off From The Listed Size?

The answer to this question depends. For a non-tapered plain wrap, you can trim however much you need in order to make it work. If you have a 98″ height, the closest size is 96″. You’ll be able to cover your 2″ gap easily with the cap and base. If you have a 92″ space you can still use the 96″ column and just trim off 4″ before insalling.

It gets a bit trickier though if you are dealing with designs like flutes or raised panels. The columns are set up to have the design centered between the cap and base. If you’re going to trim the column at all, you’ll need to do it equally off the top and bottom. You also need to be careful how much you trim, so as not to end up with the cap and base running into the raised panel or flutes. (The caps and bases can be trimmed for height as well if need be.)

Does Working With PVC/Column Wraps Require Special Tools?

No, it does not. Standard handyman/carpentry tools will enable you to do anything you need to do as far as trimming and installing goes. The material can be run through a table saw or trimmed with a circ saw in the same you would a piece of wood.

Do Column Wraps Have That Shiny “Vinyl/Plastic” Look To Them?

No, they do not. In fact, we often get angry customers calling in saying that we advertised PVC but what they received is wood. We then have to explain that these are made to mimic wood exactly but NOT look like a cheap plastic alternative. Fypon Column Wraps look, feel and mill exactly like white pine or poplar wood.

How Easy Are They To Install?

Well, for a handyman or carpenter, they should be a total breeze. However, after watching this video, even a homeowner should be able to handle the task. This is not our video, just the best one we’ve come across for how to install a column wrap:


How Long Does It Take To Receive Them?

Standard lead time is 12-14 days from date of order. They ship out via Fedex or UPS Freight within 7 days from the facility in Ohio. Depending on how far from Ohio you’re having them shipped, it’ll be another 2-5 days in transit.

What’s The Difference Between Economy And The Rest Of Them?

Economy column wraps are made with 3/8″ wall thickness. The rest are made with 5/8″. That may not sound like a huge difference but, in reality, it is. Whenever we can steer someone away from the economy version we do. Sometimes the budget is the deciding factor and the economy version does run cheaper, which is why we still offer them as an option. Here is a picture of the material thickness difference in the 3/8″ economy VS the 5/8″ standard:


I Have A 6×6 Post. What Size Column Wrap Do I Need?

Well, the only size that won’t work is 6″. The dimensions listed (6″, 8″, 10″, 12″ etc) are all outside dimensions of the shaft. Since the material is 5/8″ thick, the inside dimension will be the listed outside dimensions MINUS 5/8 x 2, which is 1-1/4″. So, the inside of a 6″ wrap is 4-3/4″. The inside of an 8″ wrap is 7-3/4″. The inside of… you get the drift.

The actual dimension of a standard 6×6 walmanized post is 5-1/2″ x 5-1/2″. Therefore, a 6″ wrap with an inside dimension of 4-3/4″ is not going to work. You’d need to jump up to an 8″ wrap which has an inside dimension of 6-3/4″, giving you 2-1/4″ of breathing room on the inside for when that walmanized post inevitably twists. You can obvioulsy go bigger than 8″ wide too, if that’s the look you’re going for.

Well, that’s all the FAQ’s for now. If we think of more we’ll add them. In the mean time, if you have any questions we didn’t answer here, please let us know.



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