Do You Guys Make Arch Window Trim in PVC?

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We often get asked the question whether or not we make custom arch trims to wrap the outside of full round, half round, or elliptical windows. And the answer to that is, YES!

As you can imagine, making such a thing on site can be time consuming and error prone. With the proper dimensions and, in the case of an elliptical window, an accurate template, we can make just about anything on our CNC router.

PVC Arch Trim

Cutting PVC Arch Trim on CNC

The standard arched trim is going to be cut from 1″ thick PVC and is 3-1/2″ in width. We can also make them in 5-1/2″ width or, really, any width desired.

Often times we make the flat trim to size and that’s it, leaving it flat and plain. This alone can really enhance the look of a window or door.

Rectangular PVC Window Trim

30″ x 30″ Rectangular PVC Window Tri

Circular PVC Trim

3-1/2″ PVC Trim to fit 30″ Round Window











Sometimes, however, to really give it some dimension, we’ll add keystones. See below.

PVC Window Trim

And, we even get requests to custom bend crown moulding around an arch as seen below:

PVC Arched Crown Trim w/ Key

PVC Arched Crown Trim w/ Key

Another question we get is, “Can you rout the back so we don’t have to use J-channel?” And again, the answer is yes. It is quite easy to do on our CNC. See pic below. This is a standard 3/4″ x 3/4″  rout.

PVC Arch Trim w/ Rout

PVC Arch Trim w/ Rout

AND… We even make double radius crown window trim! Think of a round window in a silo shaped wall. So the wall itself has a radius as does the window. See below. This is home on the shores of Lake Michigan in Holland.

PVC Trim on multi million dollar home

PVC Millwork Abounds…

Radius PVC trim

PVC Round Window Trim w/ Crown on Radius Wall





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