Can PVC Be Painted With Dark Colored Paint?

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We just had a phone call with a homeowner from California who is thinking about purchasing 4 custom gable decorations for his home. He sent me this screen shot of that style of gable decoration he is wanting along with a rendering of the front of his house.

The “style” the customer wishes to have made in PVC

Rendering of customer’s house

His main drawback is that they plan on painting this gable trim a dark color and, since it will see direct sunlight most of the day, that it will get too hot and warp. Which, is a valid concern.

However, in recent years a few paint manufacturers have developed a line of “solar reflective” paints meant specifically for painting PVC (and other exterior components). This paint is designed to, essentially, “shed” the UV rays instead of “soak” them up, which enables the PVC to stay well below any temperature that might cause it to start warping.

Here is very screen shot of and link to a very short article from Versatex (a manufacturer of PVC) on the topic:

Heat Reflective Paint Technology (click for link to article)

Sherwin Williams has a brand of paint they called “Polane” which can be purchased with heat reflective capabilities:

And, finally, the brand the seems to me to have the furthest reach and best reputation is Aquasurtech. Here is a link to their page:

If you’ve used any of these brands and have had success please drop a line and let us know.


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