Introducing Fypon Timber & Stone

Fypon is the leading brand of no and low maintenance exterior trim products. The various accents that they make (which you can buy from us) ranges all the way from porch railing to functional louver vents. Many people, however, know Fypon only for their line of primed white products.

Recently, Fypon has unveiled a new line of stone and timber products which are made with the same low maintenance polyurethane as all of the standard white stuff but it comes in woodgrain and can be stained to mimic the look of wood exactly.

2017 Fypon Stone & Timber Catalog

Take a peak at the PDF pictured above to get an idea of all the various options Fypon offers. It is quite extensive.

These products will stain with standard wood stain and the finished product looks identical to wood. Want proof? Here’s a picture from the lobby in our office of a gable decoration that we fabricated and stained up out of some Fypon woodgrain flat trim:

Fypon GD-667

Here is a youtube video of one of the woodgrain columns wraps being installed:

While we do not have Fypon’s entire line of stone and timber products listed on our site just yet, we did just add all of their shutters. Check them out here.