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Beams & Mantels

Fypon Beams and Fypon Mantels

Transform your interior architecture with decorative Fypon beams and mantels from


Our woodgrain architectural details are an inexpensive, easy-to-install upgrade for any room in the home.

  • Easily installed in renovations or new construction.
  • Get a custom wood finish that resists mold and insects.

Does your project require nonstandard dimensions or customizations? Contact us about custom-made architectural millwork.

We Fabricate Custom PVC and Polyurethane Millwork. If you donbt see exactly what you need, contact us and webll get a custom project going.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it dangerous to use PVC mantel surrounds or shelves? What about the heat?
    Provided the piece is installed correctly, no. Check your local building codes for minimum clearance guidelines.
  • Can I paint or stain Fypon beams and Mantels?
    Absolutely. Our beams can take either paint or stain without issue.

Donbt See Your Question? Drop us a line and webll help you sort it out.
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