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Gable Vent FAQ's

What material are your gable vents made of?

Our gable vents are made of high density polyurethane. This material is cast into molds, guaranteeing that every piece will be identical and gable vents with a roof pitch will be certain to be exactly that roof pitch every time. 

How are your Gable Vents Installed?

Our louvers are meant to mimic real wood vents so they do not have a trim ring (like vinyl ones do). They are installed by driving trim head screws directly through the brickmold border and then touching up those holes with caulk or spackle.

Is there a trim ring with your gable vents?

No, there is not.

Is there a built in J-Channel?

No, there is not. Our vents are 2" in thickness and completely flat on the back side. 

Are they paintable?

Yes. Use 100% acrylic paint.

Do they come in colors?

We only send them in white but you can paint them any color with 100% acrylic paint.

Are they glossy like vinyl?

They are not. They look and feel exactly like real wood.

Do they come with a screen?

If you order the functional version, yes. They will have a fiberglass screen fastened to the back side.

Are the louvers fixed or do they open and close?

They are fixed. If ordering decorative, the back is solid so that no air can pass through. If ordering functional, the slots between the louvers are opened up to allow air flow. Either way, the louvers are fixed.

Please see pictures below of front, side, and rear view of one of our rectangular functional vents. All vents, aside from particular shape, will be the same as this. Closed vents, instead of having screen on back, would just have solid flat back.