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Shutters by Fypon

Fypon shutters that are weatherproof and maintenance-free. Fypon shutters are available in many styles and sizes. See the shutter categories below for more info.


Shutters are subject to regular extremes of temperature, humidity, and wind. How can you keep them looking perfect without annual maintenance and touch-ups?

Fypon shutters are made of high-density polyurethane, which doesn’t absorb moisture, warp, or rot.

  • Woodgrain surface takes both stain and paint.
  • Holds a consistent finish for decades in all weather conditions.
  • Requires little to no annual maintenance.

We also manufacture custom decorative shutters. Contact us for more information.


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Frequently Asked Questions

    • Can your decorative shutters take stain or only paint?
      You can use stain, acrylic, or oil paints on our wood-surface polyurethane products without any trouble.
    • Do unpainted shutters turn yellow when exposed to UV?
      That was true of early PVC formulations, but we make our shutters from polyurethane. Modern PVC millwork contains anti-UV agents that preserve color, as well, so this really isn’t the concern that it used to be.

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