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Door & Window Trim

Maintenance-free trim for doors and windows that never rots, warps, or cracks.




Door and window trim are highly visible design elements with unappreciated impact. Adding the right decorative trim can provide a serious curb appeal upgrade -- while needing almost no maintenance.

All of our Fypon window and door trim designs are made of high density polyurethane, ensuring sharp detail and an appealing finish for decades to come.

  • Installs quickly and easily with basic carpentry tools.
  • Holds paint better than wood and cannot warp or rot.
  • Instantly upgrade curb appeal of windows and doors.

If you can’t find the right design in our catalog, contact us to ask about custom window and door trim.

Need a a custom size? Contact us to discuss custom window and door trim.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any installation guides available?
    Here you go:
  • Why use polyurethane for door and window trim rather than PVC?
    Some kinds of decorative elements can really only be made with polyurethane, like ceiling medallions and corbels. While door or window trim is rarely that elaborate, the polyurethane casting process let us produce a more detailed and rugged selection of trim designs.

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