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Fypon Trellis Systems

Fypon Trellis for Garden, Garage & Porch Trellis

Bring living elements into your designs with maintenance-free Fypon trellis.

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Coaching climbing plants across the architectural elements of outdoor spaces bring spontaneity into your designs -- but is brutally hard on wooden materials.

Fypon trellises are moisture-resistant and will not warp, discolor, or rot like wood. This makes them the longest-lasting, best-looking design choice available.

  • Fypon trellis for Porch and garden that never rot or discolor in the elements.
  • Enjoy maintenance-free Fypon trellises for your porch.

If you donbt see the finish or dimensions you need here, contact us to arrange a custom order.

Donbt See What You Need? We Can Make It. Contact us to discuss custom trellis designs for your project.
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Frequently Asked Questions

    • How often do I need to repaint my trellises?
      If youbre satisfied with the color, you never need to paint them at all. Properly applied paint will last a very long time, however, as the surface isnbt subjected to the constant swelling and shrinking of wooden trellis material.
    • Can you make custom sizes for a nonstandard installation?
      Absolutely. Custom orders keep things interesting, contact us and webll talk over your project requirements.

Have a question about your project? Give our workshop a call and webll talk through your options.
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