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Does PVC Tend to Yellow Over Time?

Does PVC Tend to Yellow Over Time?

Posted by KWB on Mar 23rd 2023

Cellular PVC is a synthetic material that is designed to be resistant to yellowing over time. Unlike natural materials like wood, which can be susceptible to discoloration from exposure to UV light, cellular PVC is formulated to resist fading and yellowing.

However, it's worth noting that the exact level of yellowing resistance can vary depending on the quality of the PVC used, the manufacturing process, and the conditions to which the material is exposed. Some lower-quality PVC products may be more prone to yellowing over time, particularly if they are exposed to high levels of UV light.

That being said, high-quality cellular PVC products, like those produced by reputable manufacturers such as us here at are engineered to maintain it's pure white appearance over the long term. So if you're considering using cellular PVC for an exterior application, it's a good idea to do your research and choose a high-quality manufacturer whose been in the business for a long time. Like 30+ years, such as us here at wholesalemillwork. 

In a future post, we will cover your questions related to whether PVC can and should be painted and which type of paint to use.