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Gable Decoration General Information

We have an excellent selection of gable decoration trim pieces. On most homes, the gable(s) that you would choose to add this type of trim to is likely to be highly visible. A properly selected gable decoration will be the focal point of your home from a curb appeal standpoint. It can have a profound impact on first impressions. There are very view items you can add to your home that will be as highly visible and give you as much "bang for your buck" as a carefully selected gable trim. Many homeowners use gable accents in conjunction with window, door, and porch trims, while others find them to be a sufficient statement on their own. Whatever your specific application is, you want to be sure to select a high quality product. There is a tremendous difference in the quality of products that are available today.

Our gable trim products are made in the USA. We have over 110,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space at our two facilities. Our products are made of either molded polyurethane resin or fabricated from PVC materials. These are maintenance-free materials that will last a lifetime. Our products are made with the latest technology and equipment. We have sold thousands and thousands of products over the years that are installed throughout the USA. We will sell you a product, but we will give you confidence in your purchase.

Our gable decorations are generally lightweight and easy to install. If you select a style that is shipped to you as one piece, you simply need to lift it into place and attach it to your gable with 4-6 exterior grade wood screws. Some of our larger pieces are shipped as 2 or 3 pieces to reduce shipping/crating costs. If your product is shipped as 2 or 3 pieces, it will be precut to the right size and angles and will have assembly screwholes predrilled. Once assembled, these also just need to be lifted to your gable and screwed into place.

Our gable decorations come with a factory applied finish (white) that is UV stable. While this is sufficient in many applications, we highly recommend that you coat your gable trim with a high quality, name brand acrylic latex coating. Don't worry about peeling and repainting. The main cause of paint failures is when the substrate takes on moisture and breaks the bond with the paint. Our materials are a closed cell composition and will not absorb moisture. This means that your properly applied finish will last until it wears of from the outside. Most brand name acrylic coatings today are rated at 40 years or better. You can expect your product to look great for many years.

Custom Sizes and Styles
We have a large selection of sizes and styles to choose from. We got to that point by being flexible and attentive to our customers requests. If you see a style you like, but it is not the right size or pitch, please contact us and tell us what you need. Many of our gable trim styles can be custom sized. If you see a style you like somewhere else but you would like us to give you a quote on it, please contact us, we would love that opportunity. You will be pleased with how helpful and knowledgable our customer service staff is. We built our business on responding to customers needs.