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What is my roof pitch?

Gable Decoration & Roof Pitch Calculator

Roof pitch calculator


This diagram shows a 10/12 pitch - 10" vertical rise for every 12" horizontal run.

Use the chart at right to determine your pitch. Keep in mind that roofs are made of wood (seldom perfectly straight) and settle and move over time. It is unlikely that your "A" measurement will correspond exactly with the chart.

Typically you will be fairly close to one of the chart dimensions. That would be your roof pitch and a gable decoration ordered at that pitch will be close enough to fit well. In the rare event that your dimension falls halfway between two of the pitches, you may have a roof that is framed at a 1/2 pitch (example 8.5/12 pitch).

Some of our gable decorations can be made to special pitches. Others can simply be trimmed to fit. Please call us or email us if this is the case for your home. We can certainly help you achieve the look you desire.


If you're not sure what the pitch is on your roof, measure 36 inches down the angle on each side of your roof. Then measure straight across from point to point to get the "A" dimension as shown in the drawing. See the chart below for roof pitch sizes or Email us at or call us at 1-866-995-6001 and we can tell you what the pitch is.

  • If "A" dimension is approximately 68-3/8" your roof pitch is 4/12
  • If "A" dimension is approximately 66-1/2" your roof pitch is 5/12
  • If "A" dimension is approximately 64-3/8" your roof pitch is 6/12
  • If "A" dimension is approximately 62-1/4" your roof pitch is 7/12
  • If "A" dimension is approximately 59-7/8" your roof pitch is 8/12
  • If "A" dimension is approximately 57-5/8" your roof pitch is 9/12
  • If "A" dimension is approximately 55-3/8" your roof pitch is 10/12
  • If "A" dimension is approximately 53-1/8" your roof pitch is 11/12
  • If "A" dimension is approximately 50-7/8" your roof pitch is 12/12