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Fypon Evercedar Column Wraps

Fyopon new Evercedar column wrap design. The look and feel of cedar wood, but without the upkeep. Made of high density polyurethane, these Fypon column wraps come in several sizes to fit around any porch post. Cedar look Caps & Bases come (unattached) with each Evercedar column wrap.

Fypon Evercedar column wraps are available in straight or tapered designs.

Fypon Evercedar column wraps come as 4 piece flat packs with pre-mitered edges for easy assembly and installation around your post. They come in lengths up to 120" and can be cut down to any height using standard woodworking tools.

They are pre-primed and ready for stain or paint.

Product Code/Name List Price Sale Price  
CWEVFLT11X16X96TFT $980.23 $617.54 Add to Cart
CWEVFLT11X16X72TFT $830.97 $523.51 Add to Cart
CWEVFLT11X16X66TFT $793.61 $499.97 Add to Cart
CWEVFLT11X16X60TFT $756.29 $476.46 Add to Cart
CWEVFLT11X16X54TFT $718.95 $452.94 Add to Cart
CWEVFLT11X16X48TFT $681.65 $429.44 Add to Cart
CWEVFLT8X12X96TFT $810.57 $510.66 Add to Cart
CWEVFLT8X12X72TFT $682.60 $430.04 Add to Cart
CWEVFLT8X12X66TFT $650.61 $409.88 Add to Cart
CWEVFLT8X12X60TFT $618.62 $389.73 Add to Cart
CWEVFLT8X12X54TFT $586.64 $369.58 Add to Cart
CWEVFLT8X12X48TFT $554.63 $349.42 Add to Cart
CWEVFLT12X120SFT $840.34 $529.41 Add to Cart
CWEVFLT12X108SFT $794.49 $500.53 Add to Cart
CWEVFLT12X96SFT $748.63 $471.64 Add to Cart
CWEVFLT10X120SFT $731.93 $461.12 Add to Cart
CWEVFLT10X108SFT $691.41 $435.59 Add to Cart
CWEVFLT10X96SFT $650.88 $410.05 Add to Cart
CWEVFLT8X120SFT $646.49 $407.29 Add to Cart
CWEVFLT8X108SFT $609.16 $383.77 Add to Cart
CWEVFLT8X96SFT $571.84 $360.26 Add to Cart
CWEVFLT6X120SFT $537.35 $338.53 Add to Cart
CWEVFLT6X108SFT $505.58 $318.52 Add to Cart
CWEVFLT6X96SFT $473.82 $298.51 Add to Cart