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GD640 Style Gable Decoration

 Gothic Gable Decoration GD640 by

This Gothic style gable decoration is a original. The styling, the deep engraved detailing, make this gothic beauty a one of a kind masterpiece. You won't find a gothic gable trim like this anywhere else. And it is made of entirely maintenance free PVC material to last until there's another Gothic Revival. Below are some before/after photos of this Gothic gable decoration in use. You will notice that the gable decoration runs the full length of the gable that it is installed on. That is the way this gothic style should be used, While we offer (below) some "standard" sizes, we would encourage you to contact us and get a quote on the exact size for your gable. You will be glad that you did.

before gothic gable decoration GD640 by Gothic gable decoration GD640 by

And before/after on another gable.

Before gothic gable pediment GD640 by wholesalemillwork.comGothic gable pediment GD640 by


And one more gothic gable photo

Gothic gable trim GD640 by

 Check out this incomparable detailing and style and contact us to get the perfect Gothic Gable fit for your project.

What is my Roof Pitch?

Product Code/Name Width Height Thickness Roof Pitch List Price Sale Price  
GD-640-16 call" call" 1" 16/12 $1,895.04 $1,420.10 Add to Cart
GD-640-7 297" 103" 1" 7/12 $1,584.63 $1,187.48 Add to Cart
GD-640-12 239" 136" 1" 12/12 $1,584.63 $1,187.48 Add to Cart
GD-640-10 261" 125" 1" 10/12 $1,584.63 $1,187.48 Add to Cart
GD-640-11 250" 131" 1" 11/12 $1,584.63 $1,187.48 Add to Cart