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GD645 Style Gable Decoration

GD645 Style Gable Decoration


Arch woodgrain gable pediment GD645



This gorgeous woodgrain masterpiece is a totally natural looking twist on nature. The 5" thick by 8" wide bottom arch has a "natural" rough sawn cedar woodgrain that flows evenly around the arch radius. Like we found the perfect rough sawn beam for this radius. Don't try to figure out how we did it. Just spend the next few decades enjoying this maintenance free gable bracket. The 5-1/2" wide center post drops to a pyramid cut at the bottom. This craftsman gable bracket is made of high density polyurethane and finished with a white acrylic coating. You can leave our white factory  finish, or coat in any color with any good quality acrylic latex. 


What is my Roof Pitch?

Product Code/Name Width Height Thickness Roof Pitch List Price Sale Price  
GD-645-11 109" 49-1/2" 5" 11/12 $909.40 $625.22 Add to Cart
GD-645-10 109" 45" 5" 10/12 $909.40 $625.22 Add to Cart
GD-645-8 86.375" 28.75" 5" 8/12 $909.40 $625.22 Add to Cart
GD-645-9 109" 40-3/4" 5" 9/12 $909.40 $681.49 Add to Cart
GD-645-12 109" 54-1/2" 5" 12/12 $909.40 $681.49 Add to Cart